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Kling GmbH, headquartered in Birkenfeld near Pforzheim, is a leader in the area of promotional presentations for sophisticated brand-name products. Attention-grabbing POS displays, innovative packaging and boxes, high-grade display cases, modular shop-in-shop-solutions, elegant presentation cases with drawers as well as fashionable decorations form our core business.


With branch offices and production sites all over Germany, Europe and Asia, even more demanding customer requirements can be met. Kling offers a one-stop shop for complete solutions – from consulting to design and initial samples to production, quality control and shipping. Kling - your expert for displays and packaging!


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The presentation of products at the point of sale is based on the optimum presentation of the product and merchandise range. A successful product presentation has a positive impact on sales and therefore serves as a direct sales promotion channel. A successful presentation of products must stimulate demand among customers, amongst other things, that leads to spontaneous purchases. A successful product presentation therefore has a direct impact on the company's success, thus playing an important role in the strategic planning of a successful corporate group.




Demand is stimulated through the interaction of several tools and of course depends mainly on the target group. Anyone who is aware of the needs of their customers presents their product range in an optimum manner and achieves a promotional effect. Tools used to create a demand-orientated production presentation include attractive product images or succinct video clips that explain the benefits of the products. Ideally a test product is available to initiate interaction between the product and the consumer. If the business is aware of the needs of its consumers, it can respond to this and present its products in an optimum manner.




Emotions can be stimulated in different ways. A business has just a few minutes to arouse these emotions in the customer. The customer must decide on the product during this time and make a spontaneous purchase. A professional and attractive product presentation is therefore essential. The interplay of emotional images, good lighting as well as an attractive product display and focused arrangement form the backbone of a promotional product presentation. Combined with a themed world, shopping becomes an experience and also creates a positive brand image among consumers.




Experience-orientated consumers are on the rise. Up to half of all consumers in the Federal Republic of Germany expect an experience when they go shopping. Several studies demonstrate this. A successful product presentation must therefore create worlds of experience that respond to customers and result in a positive purchase decision. Whether it's in the form of a special window display or by creating eye-catchers at the point of sale.




The aim of a good product presentation must therefore be to generate themes and create themed worlds or worlds of experience. Appropriate occasions and the resulting themes can be found in the course of the year and realised, for example, with decorative products, product displays, showcases or shop systems. A theme-orientated product presentation gives the business an opportunity to stand out from the crowd and strengthen its image.




The perfect product presentation stands out from your competition at the point of sale and makes your product the centre of attention. A first-class product presentation must also achieve this as customers decide within a few moments whether or not the product appeals to them. It is important to take industry-specific features into consideration and incorporate them positively into the concept of the product presentation to gain an advantage over the competition. Not every product can be presented in the same way. Kling is aware of the features of the respective industry thanks to years of experience. We work with you to develop a product presentation for you that is individually tailored to your target group.




There are many ways to present products. Shop-in-shop systems are particularly popular. Brand-name manufacturers have the opportunity to create complete themed worlds within an exclusive area that are perfectly tailored to the brand and target group.


Other product presentation options:


     • Shop-in-shop systems
     • Shelving systems
     • Showcase systems
     • Display systems