Modern product presentation at the Point of Sale


Showcases form an exclusive vehicle  for product presentations of any kind. Whether they are developed individually or as a standard module, display cabinets enjoy a high recognition value, make an excellent appearance of the products possible and represent a generous exhibition space. The perfect basis for brand promotion at the highest level. An exhibition cabinet by Kling makes an emotional and at the same time functional presentation possible. We offer lit showcases that can rotate and be locked, using state-of-the-art technology, designs and materials. A multitude of materials such as wood, powder-coated metal or glass give every exhibition cabinet a special appearance.


Aside from standardised display cabinets for jewellery and watches, Kling also supplies a multitude of other industries. Next to classical glass cabinets, individual productions and combinations with other materials are of course also possible – just get in touch with us!

Kling Basic Collection -
standard solutions:

Showcases 23817B2 | 24745B | 24573B

Showcases 23817b2, 24745b, 24573

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Showcases 21152B | 21150B10 | 20750B9

Showcases 21152b, 21150b10, 20750b9

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Showcases 24089B | 24760B | 23396B2

Showcases 24089Bk, 24760B, 23396B2

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Showcases 24910B | 24900B

Showcases 24910B | 24900B

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Kling Basic Collection -
sales counters and ringobars:

Glass counters 24551B | 24552B

glass counters and sales counters

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Ringobars 21751/3R | 20965

Ringobars from Kling Basic Collection

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Ringobars 21750R | 21310/4 | 22477

Ringobars of Kling Basic Collection

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Lighting systems:


Showcases with implemented led tubes



Built-in LED spotlights

Showcases with built-in LED-spotlights


Showcases with LED-Bars


Showcases with LED-Spots

Battery-operated LED lighting system

Showcases - battery operated LED lighting system





- Dimmable illumination for 14-hours lighting


- Optional with 12V battery or 220V power supply


- Integrated package solution and charging station


- Battery removable


- Continuous operation for retail shop and trade fairs



Customisation Branding:

Digital printing

Showcases - branding with digital printing

Illuminated lettering

Showcases - illuminated letterings


Showcases - 3D letterings

Foil lettering

Foil lettering for showcases

Examples for individually designed showcases:

Widex showcase


Duval showcase

Duval Leroy

Showcase for Mon Decor

Mon Decor


Gulldia showcase


Ti Sento jewellery showcase

Ti Sento

Showcase for knifes, table vitrine