Glass showcases for merchandise and product presentation at the point of sale


Individual, custom-made showcases for the POS

Showcases form the exclusive framework for every product presentation - be it for the presentation of jewelry, watches or other high-quality products. Showcases help you to optimally present your products at the point of sale and thus to increase your sales and business success. Kling offers both standard showcase models, which you can also find in our Basic Collection product catalog. In addition, we also manufacture the showcases individually, precisely made to measure.

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Standard showcases and individual showcases

In our current product catalog you will find numerous showcase models, most of which are specially tailored to the jewelry industry and its requirements. In addition to standardized display cases for jewelry, Kling also supplies a large number of other industries - including electronics, technology, cosmetics, food and beverages as well as textiles.

In addition to the showcases from the Basic Collection, we of course also design and manufacture individual showcases, shop furniture and sales counters. A display cabinet from Kling enables an emotional and at the same time functional presentation of goods. We would be happy to support you in developing your new showcases!

Various showcase models

A wide variety of showcase models can be found on the market. Depending on the purpose and placement of the showcase, the following types of showcases can be distinguished: glass showcases, stand showcases, hanging showcases, pillar showcases and showcases with or without a base or storage compartment. For smaller products, it is often advisable to use a hanging showcase or, if only one or a few products are shown, the use of the classic column showcase.

Especially for high-priced goods, the showcase should have theft protection with a security lock. If information materials, accessories or the like are required in addition to the products presented at the POS at the showcase, it is advisable to install a storage compartment on the floor.

Match showcases to the corporate identity

For the individualization of the showcases, various options are available at Kling in order to adapt the showcase to your CI and to create a truly unique item. With the help of digital printing, you can have your company logo as well as any other image attached to the desired location on the showcase. A similar effect can be achieved with a foil lettering. The advantage of this process is that the motif can still be attached after the showcase has been completed without having to dismantle the showcase again.

Three-dimensional lettering, which is mostly placed on the upper part of the showcase, ensures a very special look. This gives the showcase a particularly elegant look. In order to highlight your logo in particular, we recommend the use of backlighting, which makes your showcase a real eye-catcher from a distance.

Showcase builder with over 90 years of experience in showcase construction

With more than 90 years of experience in the development of sales-promoting product presentations, Kling GmbH is definitely one of the showcase builders with the greatest experience and expertise - on an international level. Thanks to longstanding and experienced employees, our showcases have an extremely high quality standard and are therefore in great demand on the market. You can rest assured that we know exactly what is important when designing a new showcase. We would be happy to convince you of our services and help you develop the best showcase for you!

Individual showcases: references

What once began with the construction of showcases for the jewelry industry has now developed into a cross-sector showcase builder. Above all, well-known brand manufacturers and the luxury goods industry are among our customers. For example, we have designed and produced individual showcases for companies in the fields of: jewelry, watches, optics, acoustics, cosmetics, electronics, shoes & clothing and spirits & beverages. All of our showcases are manufactured under the "made in Germany" seal of approval at the production site and company headquarters in Birkenfeld.

We have designed and manufactured individual, custom-made showcases for the following brands: Olympus, Swarovski, Duval Leroy, Widex, Zeiss, Juwelier Krämer, Gulldia, Revlon, Christian Bauer. We would be happy to develop new showcases for you and look forward to your inquiries!

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Do you have any questions about our products and services?

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