Floor displays for merchandise presentation of Garmin watches

Floor display

Eyecatcher at the Point of Sale - Floor displays

Standing displays or floor displays can be found at almost all sales outlets. They support the product presentation, and beyond this they provide additional information about the product and the brand. Effectively used, a standing display promotes the positive image and branding at the Point of Sale.

A standing display can carry or support products. Product-bearing displays must be able to bear the entire weight of the products. Product-supporting displays, on the other hand, usually stand next to the actual product and support it only in its effect, but they do not carry it. A floor display can be made of numerous different materials, such as carton, plastic, wood, acrylic glass or a mix of materials. Individually printed, they can be set up individually or integrated as an eye-catcher in Shop-in-Shop systems.

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Individually produced floor displays

We manufacture floor displays exclusively individually, according to the requirements and specifications of our customers. There are hardly any limits to the design in terms of size, materials, colors and finishes, thanks to the extensive and modern machine park.

The floor displays can be designed by our in-house design agency Tablo.
We would also be happy to produce your finished designs.

Floor displays for sports
Floor displays for presenting cosmetics

Advantage floor display!

Due to its design and application options, the floor display offers the decisive advantage to stand out at the POS. Floor displays can be provided with a base, function as a chute or be placed above shelves. Floor displays are often part of a shop-in-shop system and are supported by dispensers, counter displays and signs.

Another advantage of the floor display is the secondary placement. With secondary placement, products are also presented on floor displays in addition to their regular placement on the sales shelf. The additional sales and presentation area can be used for special offers or as a permanent integration at the checkout. With a secondary or multiple placement, the customer comes into contact with the product several times. An eye-catching floor display arouses the customer's interest and, in the best case scenario, triggers an impulse purchase.

Uxgo floor display for merchandise presentation of shoes
Wooden floor displays for product presentation of Nestea

Floor display materials

A floor display can be made from numerous different materials, such as cardboard, plastic, wood, acrylic glass or a mix of materials. The right choice of material mostly depends on the use of the floor display. Among other things, it must be clarified whether it is a long-term or short-term action. Whether the floor display should be product-bearing or product-supporting. Furthermore, the weight and exclusivity of the goods to be presented is an important factor for the right choice of material.

Our design & service team supports you in finding the right materials for your individual floor display. Our experienced production team is familiar with all materials and is able to produce individual & custom-made floor displays from wood, cardboard, acrylic and other materials in large numbers.


        • Floor display made of wood

        • Floor displays made of metal

        • Floor display made of plastic

        • Floor displays made of cardboard


Due to their diversity, floor displays can be used for almost every product and industry. Whether for food, cosmetics or champagne bottles - an eye-catching floor display is able to put every product in the limelight.

Floor displays for Revlon cosmetics
Floor displays for Asics walking shoes

Plan your next floor display together with Kling - Kling has been a competent partner for decades, both in the development and implementation of floor displays and other sales-promoting goods presentation systems. As a floor display manufacturer, we know the tricks and subtleties of display development.

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