Decoration series Passion

Grace meets passion: Passion bust line


The PASSION busts are the perfect complement to the Grace series stands.

Project insights

The elements of the PASSION series impress with their clarity and accurate design language. Like the Grace decorative series, these busts feature a velvety soft surface.


The parts in the PASSION series are available from stock in the colours white and black.

Decoration bust

part number: DE61B1
dimensions: 225 x 160 x 450 mm


part number: DE61B2
dimensions: 190 x 140 x 370 mm

Decoration bust

part number: DE61B3
dimensions: 160 x 110 x 300 mm


part number: DE61B4
dimensions: 125 x 95 x 230 mm


part number: DE61B5
dimensions: 82 x 65 x 160 mm

Please contact our service team regarding minimum quantities, colour variants and other questions. We are happy to advise you!