We care deeply for our environment, our fellow human beings and for our surroundings!

Find out more about our active sustainability projects, sponsored projects and campaigns, as well as the sustainable and environmentally friendly materials and products that we use within our group of companies.

We plant trees!

Our natural environment is paramount to us which is why we are a proud tree sponsor of PLANT-MY-TREE. By sponsoring fifty trees, the Kling group can make an important contribution to environmental and climate protection by offsetting CO2 emissions and supporting reforestation projects in Germany.  Want to get involved or know further information?  Visit:

We are low C02 producers and working towards carbon-neutral!

The Kling group generates its own electricity through solar energy.  So far, 640 tonnes of CO2, and counting, have been saved as a result of the photovoltaic system positioned on the company buildings.  
Heat generated as a byproduct of our production processes is used, together with gas, to provide heating to the company.  We are delighted that, as a group, we have not used heating oil for several years now.
We will continue to work on making the production processes at the Birkenfeld site as energy efficient as possible, and as virtually carbon neutral as possible for the future.

We use environmentally friendly materials!

Sustainability can be both highly complex or extremely simple but is always necessary!  Paints and varnishes should not only provide good, homogenous colour results and high quality finishes and be easy to work with, but should also be environmentally friendly.  We therefore use types of paints that contain significantly fewer harmful, volatile solvents.  These products have lower odour emissions and are kinder to both health and environment.

We use recycled plastics!

The ongoing pollution of our world’s oceans cannot be ignored.  We are determined to do something about it, and through the use of plastics fished from the sea and recycled, we are soon to launch a new product to market.  We rely on the incredible work done by Tide Ocean SA – this Swiss company collects plastic waste from our oceans to sort, process and transform into durable plastic for use in multiple industries.
Want to get involved or know further information?  Visit:

We recycle our materials!

Reduce.  Reuse. Recycle.  Waste is inevitable during the production process and can be found along the entire value chain of supply: at suppliers, during production, during distribution and at our customers.

We are actively considering in all business areas of the supply chain to reduce waste to a bare minimum and to consistently increase our rate of recycling.  We are working on sustainable solutions to increase recyclability and the ongoing use of recycled materials in our products, as well as their packaging.

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