Seat Cupra

Increase in brand impact through first-class presentation at the point of sale.


Kling produces logos and letterings for Seat's sales rooms.

From the idea to the finished product

The core business of Kling has always been increasing the brand impact and building as well as improving the image of a brand. Seat also took advantage of this fact and came up with the idea of ​​displaying the new Seat logo in three dimensions and on a large, prominent area in the Cupra sales rooms. The goal should be to present the logo concisely on the wall. The logo should also have a certain robustness and of course be visually appealing and must be of high quality.


Insights in our production facility

Milling out and pouring the Cupra logo with acrylic

In order to guarantee the three-dimensionality and quality of the logo, the logos were first milled out and then the milled shape was filled with cast acrylic. After that the back was cut out with CNC, sanded, painted and the LED glued in.

Varnishing of the logos

Probably the biggest challenge of the project lay in the vanishing and ensuring the surface quality of the logos. In the end, the paint surface should be identical to the car paint. In addition, it should be ensured that the corners of the logo are pointed.

The finished Seat Cupra logo

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