Spectacles display

Individually designed spectacles displays from Kling

Spectacles displays offer not only an optimal view of the presented spectacles, but also serve the branding. They can be placed free-standing on counters or in display cases. For the optimal safety of the spectacles, these are fastened to the display with the help of security mechanisms.

We develop your spectacles display according to your needs and manufacture it under constant quality control - talk to us!

Requirements for a spectacles display

High-quality glasses must be presented in an appealing way. In addition to the design and choice of materials, the safety of the glasses plays a central role. For this reason, the glasses are attached to the spectacles display with the help of safety mechanisms for optimal safety. As a result, spectacles displays can be placed without hesitation - free-standing, on counters or in showcases.

So that the glasses do not lose their effect and enjoy full attention, it is important that the safety features are not visible on the spectacles display.

Spectacles displays for Seiko sunglasses
Wooden spectacles displays

Spectacles displays made of plastic, wood, acrylic or a mix of materials

There is a choice of numerous materials for the production of spectacles displays. Depending on the application, the display can be made out of acrylic glass, wood, aluminium, corrugated cardboard or different material combinations. The use of high-grade materials underscores the image of a brand. Cost-effective materials, for example corrugated cardboard, are suitable primarily for displays that are only presented at the Point of Sale for a short time. Some options:


• Acrylic display for glasses
• Plastic display for glasses
• Cardboard glasses display
• Wooden glasses display

Displays and stands for Seiko glasses
Ed Hardy spectacles displays
Acrylic spectacles displays for Flair glasses
Spectacles displays made of foam for Frost glasses

Plan your next spectacles display with Kling - we have been a competent partner for decades, both in the development and implementation of displays and other aids for the presentation of goods. As an established display manufacturer, we are very familiar with the optics industry and are known in the market as a manufacturer of spectacles displays.

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Do you have any questions about our products and services?

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