Shop in Shop

Maximum flexibility due to modular structure


Kling's shop-in-shop solutions are used in a multitude of department stores – nationally as well as internationally. The shop concepts consist of different elements, such as counters, cabinets, displays and much more. The elements can be combined in a modular way and thus offer a broad range of design options. If individual departments or individual brands, goods or product groups are meant to be particularly highlighted, a shop-in-shop system can be used. Whether in the textile department in a department store, in the sports shop or in the cosmetics and / or jewellery department – shop concepts of this kind can be found everywhere these days.


Kling offers individual shop-in-shop solutions to meet your individual needs. Inspiration for possible shop concepts and an insight into different shop-in-shop-solutions can be found in our Showcases & Shop in Shop catalogue.

Kling Shop in Shop solutions:

Shop in Shop Clip

Clip Shop in Shop

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Shop in Shop Slide

Slide Shop in Shop Lösung

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Shop in Shop Choose

Slide Shop in Shop Lösung

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Shop in Shop Cube

Cube Shop in Shop

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Customisation Branding:

Digital printing

Showcases - branding with digital printing

Illuminated lettering

Showcases - illuminated letterings


Showcases - 3D letterings

Foil lettering

Foil lettering for showcases

Examples for individually designed shop in shop systems:

Rofa Shop in Shop system




Tara´s Diary Shop in Shop system

Taras Diary

Swarovski Shop in Shop system