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Kling GmbH receives "Employer of the Future" award

March 06, 2024

Kling GmbH receives "Employer of the Future" award

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Member of the "Innonet Kunststoff" network

November 07, 2022

Kling has been a member of the "Innonet Kunststoff" network since September 2022.

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Decoration series Cage

August 12, 2022

Discover our new and modern decoration series for the point of sale.

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New decoration series MAYFAIR

June 15, 2022

Our new decoration series MAYFAIR stands for a unique and exquisite presentation of your high-quality goods at the point of sale.

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Brand new: The X-Press-Boxes Ocean Line

February 28, 2022

New, sustainable and environmentally friendly materials for our shipping boxes.

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X-Press-Box Eco Line - The new shipping box

November 15, 2021

Learn more about the brand-new, protective shipping boxes from Kling: Made of environmentally friendly cardboard.

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QR displays

May 05, 2021

We have added acrylic QR code displays to our range especially for contact tracking ...

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Environmentally friendly materials

February 05, 2021

At the customer's request, we process environmentally friendly materials in-house ...

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Kling Online Shop

July 09, 2020

Our webshop is online again!

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Best display manufacturer

April 01, 2020

The readers of Blickpunkt Juwelier have decided - Kling has been recognized as the best display manufacturer.

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Finitec Technical Solutions

March 01, 2019

Benefit from the diverse production possibilities of Kling GmbH.

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New showcase models in modern colors

October 19, 2018

New in our product portfolio: the showcases 24910B and 24900B in attractive colours.

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New Basic Collection Catalogue

September 04, 2018

Hot off the press - the new product catalog is here!

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New - Etui series Classic Line

July 31, 2018

We have expanded our product range....

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More sales with Kling showcases

March 19, 2018

In the last issue of the Blickpunkt Juwelier...

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Kling Basic Collection 2017

April 03, 2017

The new Basic Collection Catalogue - online now!

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Brandnew - Stackable trays for production and storage

August 29, 2016

New and innovative - stackable trays for industry and trade.

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New Basic Collection & Showcases Catalogue

July 15, 2016

Now online - the brandnew Basic Collection and Shop in Shop / Showcases catalogue

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Kling Journal 2016

May 24, 2016

Brandnew - Kling Group Journal 2016

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New displays for Seiko

April 11, 2016

Brandnew dispays for Seiko Optical Europe

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Battery powered lighting system for showcases

February 12, 2016

Brandnew, innovative and battery powered lighting system for showcases!

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New spectacles display for Betty Barclay

December 23, 2015

Set in scene!

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Hot off the press

October 23, 2015

Our new image brochure is now released

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New Rebra Shop Online

September 23, 2015

Now online - our Rebra shop for cases and trays

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New Display Family for Phonak

May 04, 2015

Successful launch in specialist stores

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Brandnew showcases for the Point of Sale

March 06, 2015

New showcases for Kraemer Jewelry Stores

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New plotter for corrugated cardboard

April 08, 2013

With the acquisition of the new plotter, Kling now also produces displays, product packaging and product presentation systems cost-effectively out of carton and cardboard.

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Business Gifts

August 11, 2012

We will launch a new model on the market in time for Christmas 2012: a solar-powered cylinder motor in different model variants.

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Digital Printing

July 25, 2012

Since July 2012, Kling can also provide you with digital print

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