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X-press-boxes, signage display blocks, pins, pads and more additional products


Here you can find our additional products for a better and easier promotion of your items. The x-press-boxes are made for a safe transportation and sending of smaller parts in general. The signage display blocks are made to strengthen your branding at the point of sale. Other additional products like jewellery pins, presentation trays and pads are especially developed for the watches and jewellery industry and help to presentate the goods effectively and to simplify working processes. All of our additional products help - like the other products of Kling - to increase sales and revenues.

Kling X-press-boxes / delivery boxes:

The delivery boxes "x-press-boxes" are one of our bestsellers. The small boxes are developed for the safe transportation and sending of smaller parts in general. The delivery boxes are made of very robust polypropylen. They are are available in four sizes and the colours: black, white, metalic silver and metalic blue. Other colours are available from an amount of 10.000 pieces. The x-press-boxes can be printed on the interiour and exteriour.

X-press-boxes in four sizes
X-Press Boxes - Delivery boxes made of plastic for sending small parts

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Standard Sizes 

Int. Comp. (L x W x H)


Box 111 (98 x 60 x 14 mm)
Box 113 (94 x 64 x 14 mm)
Box 115 (125 x 84 x 20 mm)
Box 116 (125 x 95 x 20 mm), only available in white


Foam inserts in black or white availabe

Black and white Foam inserts for delivery boxes, x-press-boxes

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Foam inserts


In white

5 mm, for Box 111, 113, 115
8 mm, for Box 116


In black, antistatic

soft and hard 

6 mm, for Box 111, 113, 115, 116




Digital printing outside or inside the box
Inside and outside printing on delivery boxes

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on exteriour 1-, 2-, 3-, or 4-coloured

on interiour on request



Signage Display Blocks:


Our signage display blocks guarantee a high attention at the point of sale and strengthen your branding and recognition value at the same time. We offer individually produced signage display blocks in almost every shape, size and material. We can provide you with signage display blocks made of acrylic, wood, cardboard or plastic or with display blocks made of a mixture of different materials. Furthermore we offer a small collection of standard signage display blocks.

Signage display block for Nina Ricci made of acryl glass




Signage display block for Capolavoro made of plastics


Wooden signage display block with implemented LED screen


More promotional products for the jewellery industry:


Since many years Kling develops special solutions for the jewellery and watches industry which help companies to increase their sales or simplify processes. Presentation trays are used in almost every jewellery shop and help the shops to presentate their products effectively. Jewellery Pads are used to present earrings, rings, chains and other jewellery on a presentation tray. Our high-class pins are made in Germany and ensure a safe transportation and the professional presentation as well. With our price trees and price tags you ensure the correct labeling and marking of your goods.


Pads for jewellery

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Jewellery Pins

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Presentation trays

Presentation trays for watches and jewellery

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Price tags

Price trees and price tags