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Representative jewellery cases made in Germany

When it comes to jewellery cases and jewellery presentations, Kling is the right contact for you. Kling GmbH has been developing and manufacturing sample cases for jewellery as well as special jewellery cases for the presentation of goods at the point of sale for many decades. Most cases for jewellery are handcrafted by Kling in their own factory, subject to the highest quality standards.

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Presenting safely transported & appealing: jewelry cases for your sales force

Jewelry not only needs to be transported safely but also to be presented in an appealing way. A fine jewelry case is ideal for this purpose. We also have the appropriate shops for the jewelry cases so that you can present the jewelry to your customers even better.

Especially if you want to use the case for your sales force, in addition to the appealing appearance of the case and the other means of presentation, the simple and pleasant transport of the jewelry case is important. For example, when transporting several collections, we recommend using a larger-sized case with an integrated drawer. For smaller collections, the Rebra suitcase collection is the first choice due to its low weight when it comes to jewelry cases for your sales.

Jewellery cases in leather optic red coloured
Kling jewellery cases with trays for jewellery

Case for every piece of jewelry

Every piece of jewelry finds its right place in the jewelry case or in the matching jewelry trays. Necklaces, bracelets, pendants, earrings or rings are attractively presented in the drawer and optimally transported.

You can also find our standardized jewelery cases and trays in the Kling Kling Basic Collection catalog. Above all, the cases of the Rebra series are often used in practice by jewelers and jewelry dealers as jewelry cases or as ring cases to present samples. A removable trolley, which can also be attached to the case, ensures that your jewelry can be transported comfortably.

Jewelry cases for field staff of Paul Hewitt
Customized jewelry cases with trolley

The various jewelry case models at Kling

In addition to the well-known and proven softbags for the jewelry industry, Kling offers a wide range of different jewelry cases made of different materials, in different colors and in various sizes. The jewelry cases from Kling are generally designed in such a way that our shop series can be optimally stowed and stacked in them.

In addition to the softbags, you will find jewelry cases made of wood and aluminum, hard cases and cases made of ABS as well as leather cases at Kling. Optionally, you can add other features to the case, such as a trolley or advertising. In our online shop you will find various case models that have been specifically designed for field service. The following series are available: Rebra, Vario Norm, Vario Lux and Basic Plus.

Jewellery cases with trolley and trays for jewellery presentation
Leather jewellery cases with trays fo jewelry presentation
Jewellery cases with fitting Rebra tray series for jewelry presentation

Plan your next jewelry case together with Kling - Kling has been a competent partner for decades, both in the development and implementation of presentation cases and other aids for the presentation of goods.

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