Individual packaging and tailor-made packaging

Custom-made packaging and packaging solutions - this has always been part of the core business of Kling Display + Packaging. Every brand is unique, which is why we have primarily specialized in individual packaging, primarily for luxury goods or high-priced goods. Especially in the more exclusive segment, the packaging plays a central role in sales and is often just as important as the product itself. With the help of high-quality materials and innovative product designs, you too can create individual packaging that sets you apart from the packaging of the competition!

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Individual vs. standardized packaging

In addition to individual and tailor-made packaging, we also have standardized cases and packaging, which are specially tailored to the jewelry and watch industry, as in our Basic Collection. The case series from the Basic Collection includes packaging solutions for jewelry and watches, in the form of ring cases, watch cases, necklace cases and other jewelry cases. When things have to be done quickly, standardized packaging is a good and inexpensive option.

Other goals are pursued with individual packaging. This is about getting noticed and using the packaging itself to gain a competitive advantage. Individual packaging also supports your brand development to a large extent. We would be happy to support you in the conception of new, innovative packaging solutions and look forward to your inquiry!

Packaging: Choice of materials

Thanks to the modern machine park, there are hardly any limits to the choice of materials to be used in our company. Combinations of materials can also ensure unmistakable and unique packaging. First of all, the question arises: What do I want to achieve with my packaging? Am I just looking for a simple and inexpensive outer packaging, or am I looking for a noble wooden box that better reflects the brand essence and with which more sales will certainly be achieved - however, in this case, the significantly higher material and production costs of the packaging must also be taken into account.

Corrugated cardboard, cardboard or paper are recommended for more cost-effective solutions. Plastics and foams are also often used here. A very popular combination of materials is the combination of structured cardboard for the exterior of the packaging and recessed foam for the interior. For more exclusive packaging, woods are often used, which are additionally refined, for example with a varnish. We are happy to advise you on the selection of the right materials for you and look forward to your inquiry!

Finishing techniques for packaging

Depending on which material has been selected, there are different options for finishing. If the packaging is made of cardboard or corrugated cardboard, this can be optimally branded with digital printing - be it in the form of the company name or slogan or with the help of an image. These materials can also be optimally embossed, which gives the packaging a very special and elegant look. Laminating would also be a good technique for paper and cardboard in order to let the packaging shine in a more beautiful light.

Materials such as wood, on the other hand, can also be painted very well with an effect or high-gloss finish, which of course ensures that the packaging immediately catches the eye. Laser engraving can also give materials such as wood or metal that certain something that sets your packaging apart from the competition's packaging. There are also numerous other finishing options. Talk to us and work with us to find the optimal packaging solution for you!

Individual and exclusive packaging as a sales generator

Individual and exclusive packaging usually ensures higher sales. For many companies, it is simply a matter of attracting attention through the packaging at any cost - this can be done by choosing the appropriate color for the packaging or, of course, by choosing the appropriate material. The individual packaging thus plays a key role in the turnover and thus the success of the company.

Exclusive packaging solutions are usually only seen in luxury and lifestyle products. Especially in one of our main markets, the watch industry, you can find the most exclusive packaging, which here acts as a sales generator. The shape of the packaging can also ensure that your product or brand is unmistakable. We would be happy to support you with the conception of tailor-made and exclusive packaging solutions!

Packaging references from various industries

Kling Display + Packaging has been in the market for 90 years and is therefore one of the established manufacturers of packaging. What once began with the jewelry industry has meanwhile developed into a company that supplies almost all industries with packaging. We now serve companies, primarily from the higher-priced segment, from all areas of the economy with individual packaging. The reference images are the best way to get an idea of ​​where our packaging solutions are used. In the menu item References you will certainly also find projects from your industry - just click through!

Packaging for jewelry, watches, cosmetics, acoustics, optics, spirits, food, writing implements, technology, entertainment electronics, audio, clothing, sports and much more - you have come to the right place. We would be happy to support you in developing individual and unique packaging for your products!

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