Effective product presentation for over 90 years

What once started with the development of presentation aids for the Pforzheim jewelry industry has developed into a nationally and internationally successful company that operates across all industries.


The traditional company celebrates its 90th anniversary.


Doubling of production capacities in digital printing.


Construction of an automated production line for slip-box boxes.


Market launch of the Faisst hardshell cases.


Opening of the first online shop for Rebra trays


Commissioning of own 3-D printer for sample production.


Continuous expansion of new components and profiles of Faisst cases.


Acquisition of Faisst GmbH and implementation in the Kling Group.


Acquisition of Bossert GmbH and implementation in the Kling Group.


Founding of Kling Swiss SA and Global Tender Asia Ltd.

To support its Swiss customers, Kling renames the company Intergaine to “Kling Swiss”. Founding of the trade organisation “Global Tender Asia Ltd“ in China to ensure the smooth handling of orders in the Far East.


Foundation of Mon Decor & Tablo Design

Founding of the company Mon Decor, which supports jewellers and retailers with its mail-order company. “Tablo Design GmbH” is founded from Kling's in-house design department.


Expansion and renovation of the company headquarters

After an expansion and conversion of the company headquarters, Kling's new showroom is unveiled in Birkenfeld.


The company changes its name to “Kling GmbH”.

The company is renamed "Kling GmbH" and the Swiss company "Inter-Gaine SA" is purchased.


The 3rd generation of management at Kling

Kling goes into its 3rd management generation with Dipl. Betriebswirt (FH) Markus Bächtold.


Completion of the new company building

Completion of the new company building and relocation of “Friedrich Kling GmbH” to Carl-Benz-Straße in Birkenfeld.


Acquisition of the "Friedrich Kling" company by Manfred Bächtold

Businessman Manfred Bächtold, only 21 at the time, acquires the company from the couple Friedrich and Ella Kling. Over the course of the following decades, Kling develops into a complete provider for displays, decorations, sales aids and store fittings for wholesalers and manufacturers of all kinds of products.


Foundation of the company "Friedrich Kling GmbH"

Entrepreneur Friedrich Kling acquires a cardboard manufacturing workshop in Pforzheim with five employees and converts the production line to the manufacture of velvet cards for the jewellery industry.