Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes - fast production, cost-effective alternative

The very good reusability as well as the variety of applications are - not least because of the different customization possibilities - among the biggest pluses of cardboard boxes. The sturdy material of the boxes ensures a high degree of stability. In addition, the cost-effective price is certainly one of the big advantages of cardboard boxes. Kling is especially specialized in cardboard boxes for the jewelery and watch industry. In addition to the three cardboard box series for jewelery and watches, Kling also manufactures individual carton and slip-on boxes according to customer specifications.

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Various cardboard boxes at Kling

At Kling you will find the Classic Line, the series Twist and the series Style, which are exclusively made of cardboard and coated with high-quality paper. The cardboard boxes have the advantage on the one hand that they can be offered quite cheaply, but at the same time score points in terms of appearance due to the high-quality coating paper. For individualizing the cardboard boxes, various methods such as digital printing or embossing are available. The cardboard boxes at Kling are primarily aimed at jewelry, but the boxes can also be used universally.

Currently you have the choice between the following cardboard box series:

• Classic Line
• Twist
• Style

Cardboard boxes 4
Series Style, black

Cardboard boxes 5
Series Style, white

Cardboard boxes 9
Series Classic Line, black

Carton boxes for jewelry and watches

Kling has been making cardboard boxes and boxes for many years, especially for the jewelry and watch industry. Carton boxes are particularly suitable as cost-effective packaging, which, however, thanks to customization options such as digital printing in terms of optics can certainly also look classy and high quality. In our Basic Collection catalog you will find a variety of different carton boxes and cardboard boxes, designed especially for jewelery and watches: Collier boxes, wedding ring boxes, watch boxes, wristlet boxes but also universal boxes. With the series Classic Line, Style and Twist, different designs are available on cardboard boxes. We are happy to advise you in the selection of the optimal box - just contact our sales team!

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