Digital Printing

Since July 2012, Kling can also provide you with digital prints. Three new, ultra-modern digital printing machines round off Kling's range… its machine fleet.  

Digital print makes it possible to perform printing on objects that would not be possible using standard printing procedures. For example, the printing of edges or uneven or curved surfaces is no problem for digital printing. Our digital printing machines make it possible to print objects up to a height of 15 cm. On the other hand, this procedure makes it possible to print on almost all conceivable materials – poly, perspex, acrylics, metal, plastic, glass, foil or paper – the possibilities are almost unlimited. Thanks to our special printing technology, we can work efficiently in short production times and achieve excellent printing results, whose quality is second to none in comparison to other production technologies. It is also possible to print changing motifs with little effort and expense.


Digital printing offers a cost-effective alternative, for example in comparison to offset printing. There is no need for long setup times, and small quantities can be produced economically.

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