Advertising displays for the point of sale

Advertising Displays

For more sales at the point of sale - advertising displays

For many decades Kling GmbH has been developing and producing advertising displays for the point of sale - and for a wide variety of industries. So-called advertising displays are intended to attract the attention of walk-in customers and therefore ultimately increase sales revenues. Advertising displays can be used as sandwich boards or also positioned as simple brand support right next to the products.

Advertising displays are often combined with brochure stands, for example, to make product flyers readily accessible to the customer. Promotional displays, for example, that are intended to support discount promotions or advertise new products are also in demand.

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Individual advertising displays

We manufacture our advertising displays individually and precisely according to the customer's specifications. In terms of size, color, finish and materials, there are hardly any limits thanks to our extensive and modern machine park.

When designing the display, you have the choice between your own design, which we are happy to implement for you, or the design via our design agency Tablo - talk to us!

Kaweco advertising displays for stationary
Nomos advertising displays for watches

Advertising displays at the POS

In addition to being used as customer stoppers, advertising displays are primarily used at the point of sale - i.e. where your goods are sold. The advertising stand makes potential customers more aware of your products, which ultimately leads to more sales.

Brands very often rely on advertising displays, be it to strengthen their image or to increase brand awareness. We have decades of experience in the conception of display stands at the PoS and we know what is important!

Advertising displays made of cardboard
Garmin illuminated advertising displays for timepieces

Available in different materials - Kling advertising displays

Kling offers you different materials to optimally design your promotional displays depending on the application. If the advertising displays are to be used for a temporary promotional display then we definitely recommend the use of cardboard or corrugated board. In contrast, other materials for the advertising displays are certainly more favourable when supporting brands from a higher-priced segment. The use of certain materials of course makes more or less sense depending on the desired size of the display - both in terms of cost and general feasibility.

The different options and materials at a glance:

• Acrylic advertising displays
• Wooden advertising displays
• Plastic advertising displays
• Cardboard / corrugated board advertising displays

CB advertising displays for jewelry
Bossert acrylic advertising displays for labels

Advertising displays in a multitude of variants, shapes, colours and sizes

You have virtually endless possibilities at Kling when it comes to your desired colour - all RAL colours are available and your advertising displays (regardless of the material used to produce them) can be produced with this wide spectrum of colours. You also have great flexibility with regard to the desired shape of the advertising displays, have virtually unlimited possibilities in this respect and you can choose the shape to suit your wishes and requirements.

Advertising displays can be used in many variants. Here are some examples:

• Advertising displays in combination with brochure holders
• Advertising displays as table displays
• Advertising displays as presentation stands
• Advertising displays as sandwich boards
• Advertising displays in combination with sales stands
• Advertising displays to provide brand support

Capolavoro advertising displays for the point of sale
Weidner advertsing displays made of plastic
Gellner advertising displays for sales promotion

Plan your next advertising display with Kling - your competent partner for the development and production of product presentations at the point of sale.

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