Acrylic displays for merchandise presentation of Seiko glasses


An attractive alternative - Kling acrylic displays

Displays made of acrylic glass (perspex) offer a wide range of design and application possibilities. Due to its easy malleability, acrylic glass can be shaped into almost any conceivable form, making it possible to realise individual presentation displays. Perspex displays can be made in transparent or non-transparent versions, depending on whether a transparent effect is desired. An acrylic display can also be dyed in different colours.

Acrylic displays are often used as jewellery displays or spectacle displays, though the use of this kind of material can of course be interesting for companies in any industry. Acrylic glass is also often combined with other materials, such as wood or carton. One of the main advantages of an acrylic glass display is that it is resistant to scratches and other influences.

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Advantages of acrylic displays

Due to its positive properties, the material acrylic offers numerous advantages in the production of displays compared to other materials:


    • Displays made of acrylic are very   break-resistant   and stable
    • Acrylic displays are translucent and UV-stable
    • Refinement of the acrylic displays by polishing, printing or painting
    • Acrylic displays are weatherproof and can be installed outdoors without any problems
    • Surfaces of acrylic displays are   easy to care for
    • The production of acrylic displays is comparatively inexpensive

Acrylic displays for cosmetics
Acrylic displays for optical industry

Manufacturing of acrylic displays

Due to our modern machine park, we can implement every customer request. Thanks to the laser cutter, we are able to cut components with millimeter-precise sizes. Even unusual shapes are no problem for the machine and our production team. Numerous production techniques enable us to manufacture individual acrylic displays. Other production processes are, for example: CNC milling, CNC turning, water jet cutting, carpentry, casting or deep drawing.

Our acrylic displays are produced entirely in-house - Made in Germany. You too can benefit from our possibilities!

Acrylic cosmetic displays for Schuhback
Acrylic cosmetics displays for the point of sale of Schuhback

Areas of application for acrylic glass displays

Acrylic displays can be found almost everywhere. Whether as a floor display in the outdoor area of ​​a supermarket, as a presentation display in a department store or as a counter display in the pharmacy. Due to their properties, acrylic glass displays find their place in every industry:


Jewelry displays: Acrylic displays are mostly used in the form of presentation and table displays. Various finishing techniques such as a high-gloss finish make the acrylic display a real eye-catcher at the point of sale.


Spectacles displays: Acrylic are very popular. This is of course due to the numerous positive properties of the material. A high-quality acrylic display puts the glasses in the right light and thus optimally supports branding.

Cosmetic displays: Acrylic displays are ideal for presenting cosmetic products in an appealing way. The acrylic can be adapted to any article with the help of the deep-drawing process. This means that the acrylic display is able to accommodate entire cosmetic series.

Janssen acrylic displays for merchandise presentation of cosmetics
Black acrylic displays for cosmetics

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